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How I Started

Juvena herbals began its journey in 1992 from Gorakhpur. The founder Mrs. Medha Singh was inspired during her school days to make 'BEAUTY' her career. As a girl Medha had dull complexion due to which she had a low self esteem. As she was from a family (her grandfather, from mother's side, and great grand father ) which practised Ayurveda, she got the knowledge of herbs and ayurvedic medicines, effortlessly,at home as a part of daily routine. Her mother, Dr. Yogeshwari Shastri, a professor of Hindi, has been a great mother, who always inspired Medha to apply Ayurvedic methods to beautify her skin. She promptly began treating Medha with ayurvedic formulations , orally as well as topically ( Herbal preparations, oils and potions).

Against the usual understanding that change of complexion is not possible, young Medha's dull complexion turned to 'clear' within 5-6 years, which improved with each passing year. All this could be possible due to Ayurvedic formulations used on her regularly for years. This zeal futher built up and Mrs. Medha decided to make beauty her career and help as many girls/ ladies, suffering from dull skin.Since foundation , Juvena's Ayurvedic formulations and methods have helped in improving complexion of more than 40,000 girls and ladies, across the country.

Mrs. Medha Singh was born in Nagpur in a reputed family of Academicians. FATHER- Prof. Ajay Mitra Shastri , world renowned historian/ intellect in the field of Ancient Indian History with more than 400 research papersb and books to his credit.Mother- Dr. Yogeshwari Shastri, Professor and author of good historical fictions . Her father Shri. Haridutt Bharadwaj was a renowned Vaidhya and her grand father was a famous Vaidhya of 1920s. Her uncle, Shri Badri prasad Bharadwaj was a great Vaidhya of Kota and a philanthropist by atittude. His Ayurvedic formulations proved miraculous and his patients had blind faith in his treatments. He was capable of curing intricate disorders for which he did not ask for even a single penny from his patients. He would accept whatever the patient gave, as a fees, only after the complete recovery.

Juvena's Beauty Regime

Medha did a diploma course in beauty when she was in class 11th. Her mother supported her in every way ,at such a small age, when everybody else in the family opposed this decision of hers.Belonging to a family of intellectuals and also being excellent in studies, her stand for going for diploma in beauty, was not appreciable.Later after graduation,she was married to an Army officer( an admired, trendsetter, all rounder of Indian Army) of the most glorious ,"THE KUMAON REGIMENT" of Indian Army. He has been a great husband and supporter without whose guidance Juvena would not have been what it is today. He supported her for further diplomas in Nutrition, Advanced Cosmetic Chemistry( Cosmetology) and later on Post Graduation in CIDESCO




Dark patches: Above eyebrows, on cheeks, upperlip,neck and forehead. There are...

Myths about Home-care/Kitchen -shelf care.

Myths about Home-care/Kitchen -shelf care.

Several Indian women think that some items used from kitchen -shelf, in their ra...

Side Effects Of Bleach Of Which Many Of Us Are Una

Side Effects Of Bleach Of Which Many Of Us Are Una

Bleach A) bleaching powder B) Ammonia (Nh3) C) Hydrogen Peroxide (H2o2) An...

Treatment of Melasma through Juvena Herbal product

Treatment of Melasma through Juvena Herbal product

BEAUTY OIL: Blend of 7 essential oils in Olive and Almond oils as carrier oils....

Beauty Tips

Say goodbye to Acne Effectively
  • Correcting your diet creates a healthy internal environment. This does not allow bacterial overgrowth to occur.
  • Take out time for yourself. Go for a steam bath followed by body massage(not sauna). This will boost lymphatic drainage and detoxify your body.
  • Improves body complexion. Cures old blemishes, double colouration of arms, dark armpits, dark inner thighs, rough body surface/ skin, lifeless skin. Skin starts responding within one application.
  • For transitional result, apply regularly for 65 days.
How to keep skin healthy in Winters
  • Do not use heater and blower in winters. It vanishes moisture from skin.
  • Do not stay in sun for long time.
  • Clean your skin with cleanser twice & moisturise it thrise a day in winters.
Get a clean-up Once/Twice in a month
  • It not only clean skin from outside but also hydrates your skin.
  • A Boost of freshness.
  • It relaxes you, physically & mentally.
  • It slows down ageing process.
  • <
Benefits of Yogurt/Milk
  • Soothes sunburnt skin and hydrates it. Only fresh Yogurt gives these effects. If you apply stale yogurt, it will be zero effective.
  • Yogurt contains Lactic acid which is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid.This AHA dissolves dead skin cells. Gives natural glow to the skin.
Be aware of Side-Effect of Bleach
  • It dehydrates skin.
  • Amonia gives pale color to skin & complexion gets dark.
  • Ageing Effect arrives early.
Stay Young Forever
  • Massage your facial skin (till neck) daily this not only improves you skin wise but also health wise.
  • By massaging daily we accelerate lymphatic circulation. Our immunity depends on Lymphatic system.
  • Every evening drink ginger tea & eat healthy food.
Water- Our Best Friend
  • Drink sufficient water and get a younger looking radiant complexion.
  • A Women must drink 6-8 glasses (2ltrs) water a day for healthy & beautiful skin.
  • Water has been scientifically proved to aid in weight-loss efforts.
  • Almonds can be used as face scrub.
  • Milk can soften your Skin.
  • Strawberries can whiten teeth and reduce sunburn.

"Why Copy West When We have The Best"

Medha Singh

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What Clients Says

  • Supreeti Mayank Srivastava

    I am simply in love with juvena...I can bet once u start your visit at juvena you simply can't ignore it....the herbal treatment are worth you spend...once you feel the magic of juvena you cannot go elsewhere....from a true Juvena lover...

  • Kalyani Agarwal

    Having visited various parlours & spas across India, Juvena has been the best experience so far for me. The genuineness and commitment of the team is really commendable. If you are in Gorakhpur, i will recommend to visit this place once. The products and services will definitely delight you. All the best team

  • Chinu Sharma

    I love Juvena Lifestyle it have a great ayurvedic concept I took a herbal Massage in the Spa and i know i will never be going anywhere else. I am relaxed after my every visit to the Spa. The herbs here smells amazing and provides you the best experience ever!


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